I had spent the last few months scraping by with a patchwork of jobs. I had thought that the old saying of “no experience-no gain” was just something people made up to justify their situation. But my time in this town has shown me that it is indeed true. I would have to be in a position where other people depended on me to do what they do best if I wanted any hope of succeeding and being seen as more than just a loser. Obviously, everyone wants to know the secret behind this mysterious South Harmon Institute of Technology. The South Harmon Institute of Technology has been featured in all sorts of magazines, by all sorts of people. I couldn't even get a hold of one!

It's not just the job positions here; it's just about everything that goes on at the Institute. Most people that work here don't even realise how special this place is. And for some odd reason, it only seems to revolve around me, that I'm so special. Everyday life at this Institute is even more mysterious than anything else. People who have come to the Institute from other places said that they were forced to do things they didn't want to do, or even stay away from their families because they had taken jobs there.

Is it a school?

Yes. The South Harmon Institute of Technology is an accredited institute for higher learning. It has all the classes and whatnot that you could need to earn any certifications or degrees you wanted.

What degrees?

Anything, we have students here who are going after degrees in law, drama, history, sports management, literature, and even fields of science! We are an absolutely fantastic place if you want to learn about something or even go into a field that requires higher learning. They give you money and a stipend for part of your tuition and books.

Where are the schools?

In the city where I am. South Harmon City is only about twenty minutes from where I live, that's why we call it an Institute of Technology. We are located in the middle of downtown, near one of the largest parks here. The proximity to many different schools is what makes this place so attractive to those who need to get their degrees or certification for their other jobs or whatever.

Where are the students from?

Well, there is still a lot of controversy about that. The first and foremost student from North Harmon Institute was this guy named Biff who I'm sure you've heard of. He got into the South Harmon Institute of Technology about a year and a half ago. Many people were shocked by this, especially when he said he would be staying in town after graduating so that he could go to law school here with us! Now, this might have seemed like a great idea in the beginning, but once word got out to more and more people, it started to become very suspicious. Everyone wanted to know what was going on, behind all these closed doors.

Are they government employees?

Yes. These students are our government employees. They are considered civil servants by the town of South Harmon City. This gives them special privileges compared to those who do not work at the institute. They have more pay and can often get away with many things that a regular citizen would be arrested for doing in South Harmon City.


If you have the chance, take some classes at this institute. It is a truly wonderful experience, I would know. I didn't know I would be working there until after I got out of school and moved there with my family. Luckily my parents are very supportive of what I do and have encouraged me to make the best of it.