This resource will teach you about the American Health Imaging website and how to use it. American Health Imaging is a free website that allows users to learn about radiology terms, perform practice radiography exams, and also order scans for doctors in their practice. The site features over 3 million medical images from hospitals across the country so you can get an idea of what they look like in real life. Users can also find links to where they can order these same scans which will be sent directly to a doctor in your region or state with your personal physician’s information stored so no personal information is shared with the organization or hospital (however this does not protect against data breaches).

Can I use American Health Imaging for any diagnosis?

American Health Imaging is not a substitute for a doctor. It is used to better understand the content of images on your radiology report. If you have a question, schedule an appointment with your doctor and discuss your concerns. If you do not have access to a computer, contact the radiology department at the hospital where your test was performed to speak with them about your specific case.

Can I buy any images from American Health Imaging?

No. You may purchase an image that you like or one that corresponds with an image you already own (you can upload a photo or scan it to be included). Each image you purchase will be sent to the physician in your area who ordered it for a more personalised consultation. We do not recommend buying images for educational purposes, however, anyone can purchase an image if they wish to use it as a screensaver or wallpaper in their home.

Can I share my American Health Imaging account with someone else so I don’t have to log out?

No. When you log in, you create and agree to a privacy policy that states your account is private and confidential. Any sharing of accounts or accessing another person’s account will result in the immediate termination of their account and any associated medical information contained within it. American Health Imaging does not share users’ medical information with anyone.

How can I find out my doctor’s name or phone number?

 You can manually search the profile page of your doctor on the American Health Imaging website, however, once you click on their profile page, you will be directed to a new window where you will need to re-enter your username and password. This can become confusing if you are using a public computer. If at any time you need to contact your doctor directly or get clarification about an image, request an appointment and discuss it in person. Your privacy is very important and we recommend speaking directly with your physician to find out more information.

What can I put in American Health Imaging?

You may post images from your medical report and also comments about the images that you find interesting. All other types of image posting are prohibited in American Health Imaging. There is a great deal of information contained within the images on this site, consult with your doctor if you have any questions regarding their content.

How can I upload an image or scan it?

 You may log into the website and upload an existing scan or take a new scan.

What are the benefits of using American Health Imaging?

For you: The images brought to light by American Health Imaging will provide further clarity into the medical information and images on your report that may contain an error.

For your doctor: You can ask questions and have input into the images presented on your radiology report. If there are any errors in the report, you can request that they be fixed before the report is finalized by contacting American Health Imaging. Your doctor will be able to see a scan in 3D, zoom in, or rotate it for a more personal examination of the image.


The American Health Imaging website allows you to do many things such as searching, reading articles, and using other interactive features on the website. The site is one of the best sites that you can use to improve your understanding of what radiography means and how it is used in your medical care.